WTD Maintains Success Through Changing Times

WTD Supply, headquartered in New York City, is reaching out to mobile distributors in new ways, including greater product offering, more frequent publication of its sales brochure.

Beyond getting the information to the mobile dealer in print and online, WTD is looking to make sure their customers are knowledgeable on what they sell.

"It's all about education; it's about us educating our customers on what sells well in the market and how to sell that product," Staub said. He cited the clinics they're helping jobbers coordinate to sell the SPX/OTC Genisys diagnostic tool and related software.

"We've created a step-by-step program which will enable a jobber who is not an expert on diagnostic equipment to go out and sell the Genisys and related software," Staub said.

Typically, the mobile jobber signs up eight to 12 interested technicians and coordinates a time/place when they can meet for a few hours (usually at a customer's shop).

The jobber then forwards the names of the techs to WTD Supply.

"We arrange for an SPX sales representative to attend the clinic and teach the technicians about the Genisys," Staub said. "We also provide reimbursement of expenses, for items such as food and drink, up to $200.

"What we also do before the clinic is to send the mobile jobber a variety of Genisys hardware and software." Staub said. "Now the jobber has the product on hand and sales can be made on the spot. The mobile jobber doesn't do anything except coordinate the effort and book the sale."

And the clinics aren't just to sell new units.

"Some technicians may own a scan tool with older software. Once they purchase the newer version of the software, the manufacturer's representative will update the scan tool on the spot," Staub said. "The technician is ecstatic because he has the newest software available at a great price, and he also got it installed on his Genisys unit. Now he doesn't have to spend several hours at the shop installing it himself.

"The manufacturer's representative will also take a technician who doesn't own a Genisys, and using his demo unit, show the interested technician what the unit is capable of doing.

"Every time you hold one of these clinics, you're probably booking between $5,000 and $10,000 in sales," Staub said. "Programs like this build strong relationships with the mobile dealer. … We figure that if we can educate the technician, it's a lot easier for the jobber to make the sale."

In the warehouse

The thriving business also continues to improve its physical locations to support mobile dealers.

"We're updating all of our racking and warehouse planning, so that we can be more efficient and stock more merchandise," Safran said. "We have moved to a bin location system at most of our locations, which helps us process orders faster. We guarantee that any order received before 2 p.m. will not only ship the same day, but the jobber will receive it in one to two days.

"The mobile jobber is dependent on their suppliers being able to deliver quickly with few back orders," Safran said. "We've done surveys that show we have the highest fulfillment rate and quickest delivery in the industry."

Doing their best to serve mobile tool and equipment distributors is nothing new for WTD Supply.

"We've been at this for a long time," said Jerry Staub, WTD chairman. "But we're still singing the same song: price, availability, we get it to you quickly. … We have been consistent for over 20 years."

WTD Supply is actively working to serve mobile jobbers better through improving their product offering, sales brochures and more.

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