WTD Maintains Success Through Changing Times

WTD Supply, headquartered in New York City, is reaching out to mobile distributors in new ways, including greater product offering, more frequent publication of its sales brochure.

WTD Supply, headquartered in New York City, is reaching out to mobile distributors in new ways, including greater product offering, more frequent publication of its sales brochure and helping jobbers organize sales clinics. Change (for the better) seems to be the mantra at WTD.

"Years ago when we first started, we were mainly tool distributors," said Bruce Safran, director of marketing. "But today, we sell everything from tools and equipment to industrial supplies."

"Whether you're an automotive repair shop, a golf course or a factory, you need products for your business. We recognize that demand and, although we are still focused on the automotive business, carry a large selection of industrial supplies," said Neil Staub, WTD president. "Whether it is a tool or industrial supplies for your customer's shop — we have it in stock, ready to ship.

"Faced with the challenges of slow industry growth, many mobile jobbers are starting to say, 'Hey, I'm servicing these shops and they're looking for stuff that I don't have in my traditional offering, so I'll find a distributor who can get it for me.'

"And we're the guy," Staub said.

Even though WTD is expanding into other areas, they are not compromising their more than 10,000 tool and equipment SKUs.

"Our automotive tool SKU count has actually grown in 2007," Staub said. "But in a difficult market … we're trying to give that mobile jobber an opportunity to sell the products that their customers have been buying for a long time from someone else."

More tools, more often

One of the most important ways WTD Supply is communicating its new products available at their distribution centers (New York, Jacksonville, Chicago, Dallas and Las Vegas) is through the company's sales brochure. The WTD Supply brochure is a 112-page full-color catalog that mails every six weeks.

"With new products coming out constantly we wanted to get the information into the hands of our customers quickly," Safran said. "The sooner we could do that, the better it would be for us and our customers.

"One of the things we recognize is that new products are the lifeblood of this business."

"Only active customers will be receiving brochures every six weeks," Staub said. Customers can be added to that list by contacting the company.

Touting the WTD brochure's content and attractive layout, Staub said it is "a strong selling tool for the mobile jobber, one that can help sell after the jobber has gone on to his next stop.

"Our sales brochures allow our customers to sell product without having to invest in inventory or spend extra time explaining the features and benefits of each tool. It is their 'silent salesman.' "

WTD Supply also can provide mobile dealers with customized catalogs to fit their unique needs.

"We turn out many different versions of our catalog," Safran said. "There is the WTD version that contains the jobbers' net pricing, then two retail versions containing the same product where the pricing provides a 30-percent profit and another version with 40-percent profit."

The retail catalogs have a place where the jobber can customize their name and business information on the front and back cover, or use a label on the back cover.
"More and more, people are accessing information not just from print catalogs, but also through the web," Staub said. "We've been at the front of the line in providing information to customers via the Internet."

The WTD Supply secure website, www.wtdsupply.com, includes a login area for current customers. Once mobile jobbers log in to their accounts, they can view products, check pricing and availability and place orders. They can also browse the site without logging in and see products along with MSRP pricing. This allows the jobber to print information for their customers without allowing the technician to see the jobbers' actual cost.

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