Big Mac

Master distributor Joe Poulin, based in Portland, Maine, works as a mentor for new distributors and as an instructor in company training pieces.

Master distributor Joe Poulin, based in Portland, Maine, works as a mentor for new distributors and as an instructor in company training pieces. Though Mac Tools Master Distributor Joe Poulin is based in Portland, Maine, his influence on the company's brand spans the states through his work as a mentor for new distributors and as an instructor in company training pieces. Joe is a high energy guy, as almost anybody needs to be to...

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And besides the classes, meals and show floor, the conversations are again important.

"It might be that 10 minute conversation you have with a distributor who's 1,000 miles away from you. He tells you how he does something different in his business, and you do it, it saves you time, it helps you work smarter, not harder … it pays for the trip. Sometimes it's the simplest things.

"Everybody does things a little different," Joe said. "And I like having those conversations. That's how I improve my business."
When it comes to give and get, Joe practices it both with Mac and at home.

"I firmly believe … that I wouldn't be successful without my wife allowing me to be who I can be to the fullest, because she runs the household while I'm doing this job," Joe said. "After I finally came to that realization … now I always clean off the supper table, I pick up around the house a little bit before I go back out to the tool truck. If there's a ball game, my truck is sitting outside and it's shut off while I sit at that ball game and watch my kids.

"If you get tunnel vision, it's hard to see outside those lines. And it hits everybody at a different stage. That's my challenge, and I'm getting better at it. But I think that's my biggest challenge.

"You know, if you're happy with what you do then you never really work, but if you're not happy with everything, then it's not going to work."

Racing lobsters

Joe Poulin has a lot going on, on the job as a distributor/trainer/mentor, as well as off the job at home with family, volunteering with search-and-rescue teams for stranded hikers and too much more to list. One thing he does that blends both his job and homelife is to supply lobster to the Mac-sponsored Doug Kalitta NHRA team for several races each year.

“We had our first year with Mac Tools on the side of Doug Kalitta’s dragster, it was a one-team show at that point it was just Doug and Connie Kalitta. It was at the tool fair, the car was there set up, and we were standing outside waiting to be seated for dinner and we were talking about the race prior to that and he saw my nametag and said, ‘You’re from Maine … you have lobsters out there.'

“So we talked for a little bit and it came out that the next time he won, I would next day airmail lobster. … Well, they started to win a couple so I started next-day airing lobsters, you know you open your mouth you gotta back it up. So I wasn’t sure who was getting a lobster so I talked with a good friend of mine, and said we’re going to go to the Englishtown race and we’re going to bring lobsters down … it just started to grow from there.

“I’ve been doing that for six years now, going to two races. It’s just a fun time. Some things you just can’t put a price tag on. … It’s something to look forward to … they’re extremely thankful, and Connie Kalitta said to me, ‘I can’t thank you enough for what you do for the team, bringing everybody together.’ ”

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