Prepping for the Holiday Slowdown

Now that we're entering December, many of you are likely coming up against a double whammy of techs who are either on vacation or hard-pressed to pay their weekly bill while they think about all the gifts they've yet to buy for holiday giving.

What are you doing to counter so that your holiday doesn't tank?

One idea I've seen with several distributors is to do small cash-back contests for techs who make double payments or advanced payments in exchange for a chance to win a cash prize (anywhere from $25 to $100 or so) a week before Christmas.

Another tactic I've heard about is to make available some smaller gift items appropriate for a spouse or kids, offering a busy tech the opportunity to knock out some of their shopping list without having to wait in line at the local retail giant. This keeps the customer interested in checking out the shelves.

One important point for this season is to keep the stock full and rotating on the truck to keep the techs interested in coming out to see what new stuff is available. (Don't forget about the shop owners who may be looking for a larger capital purchase now to use up budget before 2008 or add a write-off for the fast-approaching tax season.)

Towards finding new and interesting products to stock, be sure to check out the Editor's Picks section this issue for pages of hot tools and equipment spotted at AAPEX/SEMA etc. during the recent aftermarket industry week, as well as the Most Wanted column detailing the most requested items techs are seeking from recent issues of Professional Tool & Equipment News.

Hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

Brendan Dooley
1233 Janesville Ave.
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