Innovative Products of America's 36-piece Professional Bore Brush Set

Innovative Products of America's Professional 36-Piece Bore Brush Set, No. 8001, is designed to clean bushings, ports, tubes, holes, channels, sockets, brake guides and more. Brush sizes are 8 mm through 19 mm in brass, steel and nylon. Each brush has a 1/4" hex driver shank. The brushes are packaged in a blow-molded case.


The idea for the 36-piece Bore Brush Set came about while IPA's president, a mechanic for 30 years, was re-installing the heads on a 1990 Ford 7.3L diesel engine.

The head bolt holes were dirty and filled with debris, and he found nothing on the market to meet his needs. IPA then set out to build a professional brush kit that would arm technicians with the necessary tools to clean just about any hole, guide, thread or tube found in daily repairs and maintenance.

As IPA performed market research, they found that techs have been waiting years for a complete set of brushes to do just that.

• 12 steel, 12 nylon and 12 brass brushes.
• 1/4"-drive shank for quick attachments.
• Includes twisted wires for increased cleaning function at lower speeds.
• 1/4"-drive handle has quick-locking adapter.
• 72-piece jobber replacement pack is also available.


The kit consists of 36 brushes ranging in size from 8 mm to 19 mm (12 steel, 12 nylon and 12 brass). The brushes are made in China and are 100-percent inspected in the United States.

Suggested retail price: $74.95

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