Lifts and lifting equipment.

Gray heavy-duty 40,000-lbs. lift maintains portability
Gray Manufacturing Co. has introduced a new, portable wheel-lift system capable of lifting up to 40,000 lbs. Because of its portability, a dedicated bay is not required, and it can also double as a support stand in raising just one end of a vehicle up 30”. The Model WL-40 system is operated on shop air, and at a 40,000-lbs. capacity, able to accommodate wheelbase diameters from 14” to 24.5”, and is capable of lifting motorhomes, fire apparatus and military equipment.

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Zendex RakJAK pneumatic jacks lift two tons on 105 psi
Zendex Tool Corp. introduces a new line of RakJAK portable pneumatic jacks and accessories. The RakJAK DBT2L jacks lift up to two tons, in both shop and field, with only 105 psi from standard compressors. The new RakJAK Model DBT2L double-bag two-ton pneumatic jack extends to 13.75” and uses a handle extension with remote valve.

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Mohawk lift offers clear-floor design
Mohawk Lifts introduces their TP-16, a 16,000-lb. capacity, two-post, side-by-side lift. The unit’s clear-floor design gives shops more under-vehicle access by leaving the tires hanging free for brake or wheel service. The unit also offers a clear overhead for complete lifting of taller vehicles. Additional features include lower swing arms for raising passenger vehicles, ETL certification, all position mechanical and hydraulic safeties, three sizes of truck adaptors and clear running boards for accessing high-frame vehicles.

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Challenger lift combines in-ground, surface lift benefits in one
Challenger introduces their ALI & ETL-certified EnviroLift cassette lifts that combine the space-saving, convenience and visual appeal of in-ground lifts with the flexibilities of surface-mounted lifts. Challenger says that the CS1020W model offers the widest drive-through space in the industry in accommodating a greater variety of vehicles.

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Hunter scissor lift offers choices
Hunter’s RX Scissor Lift offers several choices in setup, from capacity (9,000-lbs. or 12,000-lbs.), to runway lengths and more. The lift also offers:

  • Open front and rear access for unrestricted workspace underneath.
  • A powdercoat finish.
  • An optional PowerSlide turnplate and slipplate locking system at the touch of a button.
  • An optional AlignLights lift-lighting kit for autyomatic under-vehicle illumination when the lift is raised.
  • Optional air jacks to lift vehicles off the runways during alignments and other services.

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Bend-Pak introduces mobile lift capable of 128,000 lbs.
Bend-Pak Inc. introduced a line of heavy-duty mobile column lifts capable of raising 32,000 lbs. to 128,000 lbs. (depending on column setup, from two to eight columns). The MCL-16 is a unique, free-standing, mobile-column lifting system and is available in two, four, six or eight columns with no installation concerns — all the system requires is a flat, stable floor and a power source. The system controls are located on each column, so there is no dedicated master column.

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ADG Model L-10 can do symmetric, asymmetric lifting
The Automotive Distributions Group’s latest 10,000-lbs. two-post lift, the Model L-10, is adjustable by height and width, and for symmetric or asymmetric lifting. Additional features include two-stage front-carriage arms, twin screw-up pads, padded overhead shut-off bar, single-point lock release and rubber door guards.

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Hein-Warner service jack set to lift up to two tons
Hein-Werner has re-introduced their made-in-the-USA HW93642 Heavy-Duty Two-Ton Service Jack. Formerly produced by Lincoln Automotive, this popular jack features:

  • A one-piece handle.
  • A pressure-relief valve to help prevent overloading.
  • A U-joint mechanism for more precise load control.
  • A rolled frame for added strength and stability.
  • A sealed power unit to keep grit, grime and moisture out.
  • A low pick-up height of 3-3/4” and a maximum lifting height of 20”.
  • Covered by a two-year warranty.
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