Big-Time Boxes: Dwayne Dean

Dwayne Dean, shop foreman at MPG Carriers trucking company in Columbus, Neb.

Dwayne works on big rigs, and especially likes doing overhauls and transmission work, so he needs a toolbox to match. And he found it with Snap-on, in the form of a bottom, top, two end cabinets, two lockers, a mid-riser and a high-riser. All told, it measures out at about 19’8” by 3’ by 6’. “As many tools as I have, I need all the room I can get,” Dwayne said.

Dwayne has been working on trucks since 1979, and his tool collection has been building since then, though he started buying a lot more equipment in 1992 after a stint in the military and his graduation from SCC-Milford votech. Dwayne said his toolbox is “plum full, maybe two drawers are empty in one side cabinet.” He estimates he has about $130,000 invested in the entire setup. His favorite tools are simply his wrenches, but he has been spending more lately on specialty tools and equipment for Detroit and Cummins diesel engines.