Big-Time Boxes: Randy Kuhment

Randy Kuhment
Randy’s Holiday Towing
Eau Claire, Wis.

Custom-built in the winter of 2006, this sophisticated toolbox was modified with diamond-plate aluminum and stainless chrome. The main toolbox measures approximately 20’ long, 14’ high and accommodates approximately 480 square feet of storage space. High tech features include three TVs, stereo, hot and cold running water, a pizza oven and karaoke machine. For an added touch, the guys also mocked the fridge in the customer area to replicate a Snap-on toolbox using fake drawer fronts and red spray paint.

Randy has owned his shop for 20 years, and readily admits he uses mostly Snap-on tools. His favorite is the 1/2” electrical impact wrench. Randy said all plumbing and electrical is up to code, pointing out, “the last thing you want is to be singing karaoke and then blow a fuse in the pizza oven.”