Big Changes For A/C Work Are Here

It’s that time again – time to start considering marketing your A/C maintenance and other services. As spring approaches, summer isn’t far behind and customers will be looking to have their A/C systems updated for the vacation driving season.

As the A/C boom time approaches, and I know A/C work comes in a tight window for many shops, PTEN has ensured you will have as much information as possible about new A/C tools and equipment that are available through our A/C Product Spotlight, starting on page 18. You may find some items in there that will help you work smarter and more efficiently on this year’s A/C items.

A new twist on A/C work starting this year, as noted by the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide, is the advent of the new J2788 standard from the Society of Automotive Engineers. (And there is a J2788-compliant machine in our Product Spotlight.)

If you’ve spent big money on an A/C recovery/recycle/recharge unit in the recent past, I know it will be a hard sell for you to look at a J2788-compliant machine now. So does MACS. But they want the opportunity to tell you what the new standard is, what the new equipment can do for you that your current equipment cannot, and show you how you can turn a new J2788-compliant unit into money sooner than later.

According to Paul Weissler, MACS technical correspondent, in the January 2007 MACS Service Reports: “This is all about sticking with HFC-134a, AND being able to properly service A/C systems that have been undergoing important changes – do the work quickly, with fewer comebacks and save a lot of refrigerant.” Don’t write off J2788-compliant machines before you’ve read what MACS has to say.

If you’re not a member of MACS, but you do some A/C work at your shop, it is worthwhile for you to check out some of their publications and consider joining. You can learn more about MACS at

— Brendan T. Dooley