Big-Time Boxes: Jimmy Bielarz, Jr.

Owner: Jimmy Bielarz, Jr.

Box: Jimmy decided to take the leap and purchase his toolbox back in 2000. And now it's a shop fixture. The 8545 series Matco is one of the biggest boxes in the line. Measuring approximately 11',2" by 3' by 6", the entire setup plus tools is worth an estimated $100,000. Key features of the box include a top hutch and two side lockers. There's talk of some future modifying when he gets a chance. But that's another day and another Big-Time Boxes story.

Profile: Jimmy has been working on cars since 1992, when he joined the family-run business. One of three family shops located on North Avenue, Nortown Automotive has been in operation since 1978 and, according to Jimmy, is one of the oldest A/C Delco centers in the country. Jimmy Jr.'s toolbox contains an assortment of Matco and Snap-on tools, and he has a variety of diagnostic equipment. “I've been here fifteen years and I've always had Matco products – they're great," Jimmy said.