ROI: ATF Exchange

Price per service: $100 Based on national averages.

Parts/Supplies: $20 Includes replacement fluid and general shop operating costs.

Labor Costs: $10 Based on average hourly wage of $20.

Profit per service: $70

Frequency: 8 jobs/month National average (excludes quick lubes).

Total profit/month: $560

Cost of unit: $3,750 Composite average derived from several makes and models of machine (features will vary). The difference in price is affected by various features, including automatic and one-touch operation and capacity.

ROI timeframe: 7 months

1st year profits: $2,970

Annual profits: $6,720

Now fill out your own return on investment worksheet.

Price for service:

Parts/supplies: What are your coolant and other costs?

Labor: $0 For machines with auto operation.

For non-automatic operation.

Profit per service: Subtract parts and labor from price per service.

Frequency: jobs/month.

Total profit/month: Profit per service x frequency.

Cost of unit:

ROI timeframe: Cost of unit divided by profit/month.

1st year profits: Profit/month x 12, minus unit cost.

Annual profits: Profit/month x 12.