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A closer look at A/C equipment as the summer vacation season approaches.

Now available for mobile A/C systems
Tracer Products has introduced a line of POE and PAG refrigerant oils premixed with ultraviolet dye. Specially formulated for mobile A/C systems, these premium oils contain super-bright, OEM-approved Fluoro-Lite fluorescent dye that is co-solvent free. The dye oils are safe to use with all type of refrigerants and compressors. In addition to exceptional R-134a miscibility, they also offer enhanced lubricity and stability, and are formulated with anti-wear properties. Offered in 8-oz, 32-oz, and one-gallon sizes, the oils are nontoxic and work with any standard fluorescent leak detection lamp.

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UView MiST unit cleanses ventilation system
MiST In-Car Air Quality Service by UView is a new way to control the mold, mildew and bacteria that breeds in many vehicles' ventilation systems. The MiST unit runs on its own inside the vehicle, and the tech is free to work elsewhere while MiST restores interior air quality, reduces harmful airborne microbes and eliminates odors.

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A/C recovery unit meets SAE J2788
Robinair and the SPX Corp. announce the R134a Refrigerant Recovery and Recharging Unit. Fully compliant with SAE J2788 requirements, the R134a incorporates many features of the existing model No. 34700Z. A recharging accuracy to within +/-.50 oz. translates into fewer customer come-backs while an automatic lock-out feature prompts technicians of a pending filter change at 100 lbs. of recovery. The new unit is compatible with conventional and hybrid vehicles using electrically-driven compressors. It is designed to give technicians access to optional vehicle database software allowing easy updates on refrigerant and compressor oil capacities per vehicle.

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A/C Flush Kit for retrofits
According to Yellow Jacket, their A/C Flush Kit system removes refrigerant oil, moisture and contaminants from system components and lines during retrofitting and compressor replacement. You simply fill the canister with Yellow Jacket flushing agent (which is compatible with ESTER, PAG and mineral oil lubricants), pressurize with shop air and flush each component. The kit includes a rubber-tipped flush gun, a canister with an adapter and an A/C flush catch hose. The company believes their system removes contaminants economically and completely, therefore reducing warranty claims and saving money.

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