Innovation Awards

Perform easier calibrations on your torque wrenches
Precision Instrument's TC3F175F Torque Wrench Comparator is positioned as a way to perform quick and easy calibration checks on torque wrenches. Features include:

  • Compatibility with wrenches from 35 to 175 ft-lbs.
  • A large, easy-to-read dial with 5-lb. increments.
  • Cost savings from not having to ship the wrench off for calibration.
  • All-steel construction.
  • Mounting to any flat surface.
  • Torque input via a 1/2" female square drive.
  • Not suitable for checking power tools.
  • Torque Wrench Comparator.

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"Saves time sending mine to the manufacturer to be recalibrated."

Rick LaChance, president
North Eugene Automotive
Eugene, Ore.

The Professional Tool & Equipment News Innovation Awards are selected by a nationwide panel of ASE-certified Master Technicians and shop owners, free from any suggestions or pressure from PTEN advertisers or staff members. The goal of the awards is to help recognize truly new and innovative tools and equipment that shop owners and techs feel can help them perform their duties easier, more efficiently and more profitably.

UV dyes come mixed and ready to use
Cliplight offers UV dyes ready for use and mixed with their corresponding low-, medium- or high-viscosity PAG or Ester oils in 8-oz. bottles, designed for use in R134a A/C systems. The oil and dye come with the required number of service stickers and comply with SAE standard 2297. More specifically, these dyes can come mixed with: Ester No. 511102; PAG 46 low-viscosity No. 5111046; PAG 100 medium-viscosity No. 511101; or PAG 150 high-viscosity No. 511150.

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"A lot of dyes try to be a one-fits-all dye. With increasing technology in manufacturing and close tolerances, it is important to have the proper viscosity in order to ensure long life and less warranty repairs."

Bruce Lunsford, instructor Pep Boys, Inman, S.C.

Low-current DMM tests crankshafts, coils and more
The No. 687 low-current probe/DMM from Electronic Specialties Inc. measures current easily by clamping over any wire, and reads from 1 milliamp to 80 amps. Applications include fuel pumps, fuel injectors, parasitic drains, primary ignition coils, lamp circuits and more. The full digital multimeter's features include:

  • Measures AC or DC volts, resistance, continuity, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance and diodes.
  • Can test crankshaft and camshaft sensors as well as MAF and MAP sensors.
  • Duty cycle setting can be used to test feedback carburetors and idle air control motors.
  • Data Hold, One Touch Zero and backlit LCD display.
  • Carrying case and test leads.

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Honda/Acura damper pulley tool gets update
From Schley Products comes this updated Honda/Acura 4" Offset Damper Pulley Holding Tool No. 60100A with new 4" offset design that works with all older and new bolt. A 1/2" square drive for breaker bar or ratchet attachment point holds harmonic damper pulley, and the center hole is adequately sized to allow crank bolt R&R access.

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"This is an essential tool that makes life easier, as the pulley is sometimes seized."

Joe Marconi, owner Osceola Garage Baldwin Place, N.Y.

Scan beeps when complete
OTC's new 3358 Ready Scan Readiness Monitor Tool provides faster, more cost-effective OBD II readiness testing. Features of the tool include:

  • A simple connection at the DLC/OBD II port connection.
  • An automatic auditory signal and green or red LED visual to indicate whether a vehicle's OBD II readiness monitors have been reset during the drive cycle.
  • CAN-compliance.
  • Update capabilities for configuring to state-specific readiness criteria.
  • Self-powered and an automatic shut-off function when the vehicle is not running.

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"This sounds like a real winner – you give this to your customer and it will beep them when the readiness monitors are met. We have tested a Corvette five times and it still was not ready … and you can't charge the customer for the readiness test. This tool will save technicians time, and time is money!"

Phil Cook, owner Carolina Car Care, West End, NC