Tool Review: Ingersoll Rand IQv Series Cordless Drill

Ingersoll Rand's recently launched IQv Series of cordless power tools includes the 19.2V D650 and 14.4V D550 drills. Key features of the new line include:

  • More efficient battery technology in order to provide a better power/volt ratio. This means that more power can be generated from smaller, lighter and lower voltage batteries.
  • Composite housings for greater structural strength with minimum weight.
  • A patented twist-to-lock mechanism that provides a more secure grip on the battery.
  • A charger that can handle varying battery voltages and chemistries, including nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries from 7.2V to 19.2V. The charger can also read the battery in order to optimize its charge and improve battery performance and longevity.
  • A one-year, hassle-free replacement, a two-year or 1,000 charges limited battery replacement, and a three-year limited warranty cover the tool and charger.

The review

Richard LaChance, owner of North Eugene Automotive Limited in Eugene, Ore., and a PTEN Innovation Award panelist, gave the Ingersoll Rand 1/2" drill a glowing review.

"Ingersoll Rand has always built the most durable and longest-lasting tools I have used over my 30 years as a mechanic. I found that the 1/2" cordless drill was well balanced and the grip was sized right.

"The Ingersoll Rand has proven to be the best way to go for me when I need to drill inside a car or under a pickup; you don't have a cord dragging in and over everything. … It makes it so much easier to concentrate on the job at hand.

"This drill has more torque than you could possibly need, and the keyless chuck grabs the bit without slipping like other cordless drills I've used.

"Without a good battery, a drill would be useless most of the time. The IQv Series battery has the longest life between charges of any cordless drill I've used — it never seems to need a charge."