Innovation is Key

With the first quarter of 2007 behind us, it's time to look past spring and into summer for what the year holds; this year for you faithful PTEN readers, it holds even more innovative tools as we expand our Innovation Awards to extra months.

We've added more issues this year, so it makes sense to add more recognition of the tool and equipment manufacturers who seek to make auto maintenance and repair as easy as possible with new, well-conceived tools.

You'll notice on pages 18-19 this month five tools were selected for our Innovation Awards, nominated by ASE technicians working in the field free of meddling from staff here at PTEN. It's important to us that the Innovation Awards remain politically pure, so that you know those tools really stand out on their own merits.

You can look forward to more Innovation Awards in upcoming PTEN issues in June, September and November.

Besides these great products in the Innovation Awards section, you'll find a special focus on A/C items on pages 40-42, a spotlight on diagnostics on pages 30-33, and another impressive Big-time Toolbox setup on pages 36-37. (Speaking of toolboxes, be sure to send us pictures and information about yours, or a co-worker's, so we can share these great tool setups in PTEN with everyone.)

It's hard to believe we're already into the fourth month of the year. Hope things are shaping up well for you, and that you have plenty to look forward to as well.

— Brendan T. Dooley