Big-Time Boxes: Jay Buscemi

Jay Buscemi
Spitfire Automotive
Oak Lawn, Ill.

Purchased four years ago, the three-piece Matco MB 8535 series work station combo with custom-built bottom cabinet cost about $13,000 before filling it with tools. The setup is 72” x 83” x 28”. It features horizontal lockers and a pull-down locking door on the hutch. A clean stainless-steel work surface houses one of Jay’s handiest tools — his laptop. All of Spitfire’s service manuals are online, and Jay likes to see the latest from Professional Tool and Equipment News and check out technical sites like International Automotive Technicians’ Network.

Come January, Jay will have 25 years under his belt at Spitfire Automotive. He got his start at the family-owned shop in 1983 as part of a high school work program, where he went from sweeping floors to receiving hands-on training to offering tips of his own as senior tech. The Oak Lawn fixture mainly services cars and light trucks.

When asked what his favorite brand is, Jay didn’t hesitate.

“[It’s] gotta be Matco,” he said. “These days you’re getting better quality for your money.”