Big-Time Boxes: Dennis Catrett


Dennis Catrett
Zajac's Auto Collision
Alexander City, Ala.


After outgrowing his previous toolbox, Dennis Catrett realized he'd rather not buy another one. So he built his own. Dennis used his carpentry and cabinet-making skills to complete this 78" x 29" x 42" oak toolbox with brass trim. According to Dennis, the setup cost him 50 hours in labor and about $1,200 in materials. He used a clear finish on the box, and stain finish on each of the 22 drawers. 8", 150-lbs. castors and a steel lower frame allow the 500-lbs. setup to glide lighter than a steel box, Catrett said. The drawer bottoms pop up and out for easy cleaning.


Catrett counts 29 years as a frame tech at Zajac's Auto Collision—his first and only gig. That kind of experience gave Dennis plenty of time to figure out exactly what he wanted in a toolbox.

"I figured, why spend the money when I could make it myself?" Dennis said of the setup, which is purportedly chock-full of favorites in the Snap-on family. And his craftsmanship hasn't gone unnoticed. Although Dennis receives requests to reproduce his custom-made outfit, prospective buyers can expect some time on a waiting list.

"I'll offer to make one per year," Dennis said. "I enjoy the fact that [in this business] you don't have to take work home. My time is precious to me."