Thanks for Reading PTEN

Professional Tool & Equipment News has, for years, had a simple editorial mission: You deserve the best available information on new tools and equipment to form purchasing decisions. In short, this is what we do.

Not too long ago we sent out a survey. Your responses confirmed that we are the source of information for tools and equipment. We asked, "When looking for tools and equipment which magazine would you turn to first?" 96.5 percent of you said PTEN. This is amazing. "In which magazine do you see the newest tools?" 95.5 percent said PTEN. "Which magazine gives you the best tool information?" 94.3 percent said PTEN. Thanks for the compliments.

Over the past few months, several design changes were made to make PTEN easier to read. The contents page has been expanded to give you a better picture of what's between the covers, and we've taken steps to showcase products more effectively. Let me know what you think. My e-mail is

My simple request of you is to circle numbers on the reader service card or visit websites of the products in PTEN. This lets the manufacturers know their product is meeting your high standards. You've always been responsive to the new products we cover. In fact, 70 percent of you said in the survey that you use the reader service card. I just want to encourage you to continue seeking information on the latest and greatest.

On a personal note, I am very happy to be back in the automotive aftermarket. Back in the 20th Century, I was the publisher of Motor Service magazine and really enjoyed the industry. Attending the trade shows and tool fairs this year has been great and I have seen many old friends.

As a final thought, thanks for reading PTEN. You are a great audience.