Big Time Boxes: Bob Arlotta

Owner: Bob Arlotta
Long Hill Auto Service
Millington, NJ

Bob Arlotta prides himself on keeping his five-year-old red Snap-on toolbox — and the tools inside — in mint condition.
"A common task for a young apprentice at Long Hill Auto is to polish the box until it reflects like a mirror," said Arlotta.

The storage system (13 ½' x 6' x 30") is made up of a center and top unit with side cabinets, and is set up for maximum shop efficiency.

"Tools that are commonly used in conjunction [with one another] are frequently kept in the same drawer," Arlotta said.

His future plans for the box include adding another side cabinet on the left side (bumping the overall length of the setup to 16').

Arlotta's life in cars began at 16 when he restored a '67 Pontiac GTO. In 1986, he founded Long Hill Auto Service with a goal of providing "total automotive expertise" to his customers. The five-bay shop, which services foreign and domestic vehicles, is doing just that. Arlotta has won ASE's "Technician of the Year" award seven years consecutively — a New Jersey record, Arlotta said.

The shop has also received numerous accolades for their involvement and service in the community.

"Once a year we get the Girl Scouts in here as they're getting their licenses and we show them how to do tire repairs, flats … check their oil," Arlotta said. "We spend a few hours with them and get pizza."

Arlotta plans to expand this program to include high school students in the near future.

"I like helping people," Arlotta said. "That's the biggest thing."