Big-Time Boxes: Jay Grose

Jay Grose
Oyster River Boat Yard
Chatham, Mass.

This black stainless steel setup by Cornwell Tools consists of two 103" boxes, and, with the side cabinet and locker, features an overall length of 22'. Jay Grose's storage system holds an array of hand tools, diagnostic equipment, laptops, scan tools and more.

At the time he made his purchase, Jay ordered the two boxes together so he could have maximum storage. But now, he said, it just might not be enough.

"This thing takes up half the shop, but I'm looking for a third," Jay said. "With all the stuff I've got, we may need three."

Standout features include dual canopies with superior lighting, a convenient pegboard back to hang tools, a secure locking system and additional locker and side cabinets.

Jay Grose, master boat technician at Oyster River, had switched gears to boats following years of tuning up motorcycles and dirt bikes. He's been working in the marine business for more than 15 years, and has been at Oyster River for six years.

"It's awesome. We're just a small operation … we have a yard manager, three employees and three bosses," said Jay.

"You would think it would be seasonal, but we get slammed all throughout the year with lot of winter work, and the big requests that we couldn't get to in the summer. We fix a lot of boats and even sell new." Oyster River is a Key West boat dealer and also sells Yamaha motors.

"I needed more organization so I can work faster," said Jay. "And I went for the biggest toolbox I could find.

"I love where I work … and it's easier to work when you have more space." At his idyllic shop by the river, Jay doesn't worry much about job security. "You know it's funny — the economy may be down, but people are still buying boats."