AAPEX delivers new tools

Now that I've got my first aftermarket industry week under my belt, my main impression is that the tool and equipment segment is healthy, and innovations and updates for tools and equipment will continue to flourish as long as cars and their technology continually evolve.

The Tools and Equipment segment of AAPEX for 2007 included dozens of companies and hundreds of new items for your shop and toolbox, from fluid exchangers, chemical cleaning systems and hardlines to power tools, diagnostics and specialty tools. Basically, there are plenty of companies out there continually trying to create new solutions for you to work more efficiently and safely.

Among the innovations I was impressed by were a new auto-torquing impact wrench that should greatly improve wheel service in the heavy-duty market, a magnetic induction tool that puts safe heat where you need it quickly, a new brake bleeder machine that can do a complete system bleed in 10 minutes, a single diagnostic tool that covers marques from the E.U., U.S. and Asia — and that's just off the top of my head.

As of the middle of the AAPEX show, this issue was already on its way to the printer. But make sure not to miss the December issue of PTEN which will feature new products from the AAPEX show floor, as well as my best of picks.

The exhibiting companies at AAPEX obviously have a stake in your company doing well, and are trying to give you the tools to make your jobs easier. Are you taking an honest look at the newest tools and equipment when your distributor presents them to adequately gauge their ROI on what you do? For your shop to run as efficiently as possible, make sure you're considering all the tools available to help you in that goal.