Looking forward to 2008

So, how was 2007 for you and your business? Did you do everything right? Have you discovered mistakes that you're still correcting or learning from?

It's been a year of continual education for me, and I think you're holding a magazine in your hands right now that is greatly improved from a year ago. First off, we've streamlined the logo and general readability of the magazine. When you're looking for products of interest to show your distributor, it's now a lot easier to differentiate product news from advertisements.

Another print bonus dovetails with our increased web presence. We've moved the "Industry News" section from the magazine to the web, giving us more space in print for new tools and equipment. Now, you're able to get your industry news and more from the weekly PTEN enewsletter and on the news section of the website — and in timelier fashion as well. (Sign up for the enewsletter at www.pten.com).

And while you're there, feel free to talk about any issues with your fellow repair techs and mechanics in the forums, or take a look at my latest insights and odd news notes on my blog. All are accessible from the PTEN home page.

Now that we're looking forward to 2008, it looks like most of you are expecting a good year, or at least as good as 2007, according to the survey results you gave us (check out Larry Greenberger's column). Elsewhere in this issue, be sure to check out the staff's picks of hot products from AAPEX, cover tools and plenty of new products, diagnostic tools and chemical lubricants and cleaners.

And have a great holiday season!

Brendan Dooley, editor