Economic Impact

When brand loyalty is the deciding factor in parts purchases.

According to the study, motor vehicle suppliers directly employ 783,100 U.S. workers, and every supplier job creates another 4.7 jobs in the economy. These include an additional 1.97 million jobs in industries ranging from steel to plastics that support the supplier industry and 1.7 million jobs supported by the spending of direct and indirect employees.

Motor vehicle suppliers are the top employers in seven states—Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee—with nine more states reporting employment in excess of 15,000 jobs, including Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The study also showed that auto supplier jobs are good jobs, providing $252 billion in compensation, or more than $45,000 in average annual compensation per industry worker.

The study is available on MEMA's new government affairs Web site,

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