Patch or Plug?

Thorough inspection for punctured tires.

Once the tire has been successfully repaired, it can be mounted on the wheel and aired up according to OSHA regulations in a safety cage. Even though the tire was carefully inspected, there is still a possibility of a zipper rupture.

A final note on just patching tires: in addition to the damage from air and moisture, which cause belts to rust, the patched tire will be prone to being re-punctured in the same location.

These types of on-the-wheel repairs are not approved by tire manufacturers, makers of tire repair materials or TIA. With an on-the-wheel plug only repair, there is no way to determine if there is significant damage to the liner of the tire or sidewall body plies. The damage could cause catastrophic results if the tire is put back into service at 100 to 130 psi, depending on application.

Jim Green is Field Service Supervisor for Yokohama Tire Corporation.

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