It's Time to Talk Regeneration

Active DPF regeneration with '07 engines.


But what will drivers think? Pearce says that a comfort level will develop even though the initial reaction of the driver will vary as familiarity increases with new mandates and a new regeneration process.

"Everyone is in the same boat with DPF regeneration. In other words, it's become standard," he says.

In the field, Pearce was surprised at how 'ready' the industry was for DPF and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD); some customers had already made the switch in 2006.

At a customer site visit, he was prepared to ask tough questions about ULSD and active DPF regeneration. As he drove up to a fleet truck being fueled, he saw that the side of the fuel truck read 'ULSD'. He was very surprised at what customers already knew about active DPF regeneration. "They were up to speed, they knew about it, and were prepared for it," Pearce says.


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