Why Volunteer?

I do it because I want to pay back an industry that has been good to me. Perhaps, it will help someone achieve what I have achieved.

I'm retired from Kenworth Truck Company. However, Kenworth sees the need to cultivate new technicians. The industry is losing technicians, faster than they are coming on board. SuperTech tells them that they are not a "Grease Monkey" or a "Bolt Turner," but that they are a valued and necessary component of an ever-changing technology. — Tom Tahaney, Retired Judges Chairman, SuperTech2007

The TMC and all its related projects have always generated high quality results that are respected in the industry. SuperTech is no different—when I saw the commitment and effort that was going into the development, I wanted to be involved. It is awesome to see a group of industry experts come together, tackle a job, and get it done! Second, technician training is a priority in our Roadranger organization. We have launched new training initiatives to meet the needs of the technicians in the industry. We recognized the need several years ago, to build high quality training programs so that technicians would gain expert knowledge on all aspects of maintenance and repair of our drivetrain products.

Our Eaton management group does 'walk the talk.' They support our efforts in Technician Training for our products, and the industry. We normally supply enough judges to support the entire drivetrain station at the SuperTech. Eaton Management has long recognized the quality and value of the TMC.

Among other industry competitions, the TMC keeps the 'bar raised' for the technician. Technicians recognize that the industry does demand high quality. Competing Technicians recognize their knowledge and skills base must be vast… this is catching! More technicians want to get on board. The fleet and dealer list of competing technicians keeps growing. Plus, the exposure this TMC event brings to all the technicians helps bring a sense of pride and recognition. I would guess it's like competing and winning an 'Academy Award' in the world of Maintenance. — Richard A Muth, Manager Lubricants, Eaton Truck Components Drivetrain Skill Station Co-Chairman, SuperTech2007