Falling to Pieces

Corrosion is eating its way back into the industry.

“The purpose of this group is to develop solutions to the many corrosion issues that are facing the trucking industry,” says the introductory letter sent out recently by Chairman Roy Gambrell. “As an industry, we all realize we have a problem and it is affecting every component on a commercial vehicle.

“We realize that many states find these new de-icing chemicals very effective for maintaining winter roads, so industry must start working on finding effective and economical means of mitigating its effect on equipment and its maintenance.”

Keeping in mind that a recent TMC survey showed that 85 percent of fleets would be willing to pay more for effective corrosion control, what does the Action Committee hope to accomplish at its inagural meeting?

“We hope to have representatives from the chemical manufacturers to explain the make up of the many deicing chemicals in use today for the purpose of updating industry corrosive testing,” says Gambrell.

The Action Committee will take a round-table approach to the problem, bringing in liaisons from each TMC Study Group to be active players in developing corrosion solutions.

“Some vendors don’t adhere to the TMC recommended practices,” Gambrell says. “OEMs and fleets need to be educated on available technologies and advancements against corrosion.”

With a few conference calls under its belt before the Nashville meeting, the Action Committee was already tallying up a long list of issues and concerns on which to focus its attention:

  • Should truck OEMs be represented on the Committee?
  • How much is corrosion costing this industry?
  • What costs are fleets willing to pay for effective corrosion control?
  • How can we get information on the chemical makeup of de-icing agents from the manufacturers?
  • How do the goals of the Committee dovetail with existing Recommended Practices?
  • What is the status of the Corrosion Prevention Act (HB1770), and how can TMC members help to get it pushed through?

The answers might not come quickly, but there are a lot of people rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to work on these issues.

In our next issue, we’ll recap the first meeting of the Corrosion Control Action Committee, and talk to some vendors that are offering corrosion protection products that you can use today!

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