Not Making the Grade

Batteries, starting & charging systems, Part II

So how do you convince a know-it-all technician that they, too, could use some updated electric training? Glassman says it is all how you word it.

“If you call it advanced-level training, they’re more apt to come to the training and listen,” he says. “They don’t want to sit with their peers and raise their hand and show they’re deficient in some fashion. A lot of technicians don’t know what they don’t know.”

Training alone is not enough, though—Purkey says the true test is retention.

“You can train a guy, but if he doesn’t get to use and apply it, he can sure lose those skills very quickly,” he says. “One of the things every fleet manager in America should start doing is, when you buy the equipment guys need, make sure they use it. (Otherwise you get) ‘I just spent $1,000 for a piece of equipment and you’re gonna use a $1.98 test light that could blow circuits?’ And yet you watch, and they do it all the time.”

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