In Focus: Autodata Battery Replacement Reset Procedures Manual

The Autodata Battery Replacement Reset Procedures Manual offers reset procedures for vehicle electrical and electronic systems. This manual includes fully illustrated hood and trunk release methods and covers battery access and service locations, disconnect precautions, power windows, locks and sunroof programming, supplemental restraint, ABS system precautions, engine and body control system resetting. Also available on CD, this information covers domestic and import vehicles from 2000-2010.

Features and benefits

Covers Domestic and Imported Vehicles from 2000 – 2010. This manual/CD provides information for vehicles that have had battery service, replacement and/or loss of electrical power. Features Included: Battery Access and Service Locations; Battery Disconnect Precautions; Power Windows, Locks and Sunroof Programming; Convenience Accessory Programming; Supplemental Restraint, ABS System Precautions; Engine and Body Control System Resetting.


Over the past two years, Autodata has received numerous requests from distributors, shops and technicians to produce such a manual.  This manual/CD is exclusive to Autodata and is the first and only of its kind. The product has created a very wide market area such as battery shops, body shops, towing companies and virtually any service facility. Any person that disconnects the battery for any reason can use this product.  

Selling points

This manual/CD was written and produced by Autodata ASE Certified veteran technicians with a minimum experience of 10 years shop management.  Made in the USA, these manuals feature minimum text, numerous simplified illustrations and a rare clarity of presentation that will save the user time.

The manual is a single comprehensive source of information for US domestic and import vehicles introduced or revised during the period 2000-2010.  It includes the necessary detailed battery disconnection and reconnection information required to avoid operational problems to vehicle electronics and SRS components.  Also included are hood pulls, latches and battery location information in one simple illustration for quick access to and servicing of vehicles batteries.

Suggested retail price

$89.95 Manual or CD

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