Ask And Ye Shall Close The Sale: Part II

Q - I’ve heard you say that to really succeed as a dealer, I need to be both a good shopkeeper and a good salesman. What’s that really mean? A - Shopkeeping is basically about minding the store: keeping it clean, keeping it stocked, keeping it...

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Me:      “These brown ones are more comfortable.”

Beth:    “What about the other ones?”

Me:      “I like the way they look better.”

Beth:    “Think they’re more stylish?”

Me:      “I guess you could say that.”

Beth:    “So, what if you buy the brown ones for everyday and the other ones for special occasions?”

You’d think she worked for the department store. (I ended up buying both.)

But her technique can teach us something about persuasion. She didn’t tell me which shoe was more comfortable or which was more stylish. I made that decision. She just asked me questions. Then using that information, she closed the sale by asking a question that suggested I buy both instead of just one. And I bit.

If she had told me those things instead of asking me, I might have balked. I might have even left the store not buying either if she wasn’t listening to my responses. But by using simple questions she drew me in.

Think about how you can use the same technique when you’re selling a ratchet set, an air tool or a toolbox. Ask the customer what he thinks and use that to close the deal.

And don’t forget to ask for the order.

Takeaway:  Ask good questions, listen carefully and you’ll close more sales.

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