Q & A: ULSD Worries

Quality fears continue to dog ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

You also should consider using fuel additives as part of your regular preventive maintenance program. For example, a fully formulated multifunctional detergent designed for ULSD can keep your equipment in shape in seven ways:

1. Cleans up the fuel system and keeps it clean.
2. Protects fuel pumps from wear.
3. Prevents corrosion.
4. Fights acid wear from EGR gases.
5. Removes or displaces water.
6. Reduces filter plugging.
7. Keeps pistons cleaner.

In cold weather, the addition of a cold flow additive can keep crystallization, gelling and viscosity increase at bay.

This will save you money by extending the life of your equipment, reducing downtime, improving TBN retention, which extends lubricant life, improving the length of time fuel is stable during storage and restoring and maintaining engine fuel economy.

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