Cover Story: The Tire Guys

When the rubber hits the road at Keen Transport, it really hits the road.

So Hair and his technicians performed a little test with their 1-inch air guns. Hair thought he could handle the gun and stop at 550 foot-pounds on the nose, but the test showed that when he thought he was stopping at 550, the guns were actually breaking at 1,300 foot-pounds. There’s an eye-opener for you.

“Anybody who says he can control a 1-inch air gun is kidding himself,” Hair says. “We torque every wheel at every PM. We bought three of the torque guns that we can recalibrate every day. They’re expensive, but it made a two-man job a one-man job.”


Does Lloyd Hair have an answer to every tire question? He would probably say no, although his vice president says he beats industry averages for tire costs, and we tend to believe him.

Hair puts it simply: “I don’t get beat up by tire costs too often.” Anybody who can say that has a lot to crow about.

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