Cover Story: Teaming Up With Tech Schools

Training tomorrow's technicians: WyoTech is helping to fill the void.

“We have four graduations a year, so literally we are a pipeline for technicians into the industry,” Enyeart says. “We have graduates that are going back to your hometown.”

Warpness sounds like a proud papa when talking about how the “legend” of WyoTech continues to grow.

“I don’t feel we made the reputation of WyoTech, our students did,” he says. “They’re the ones who carry that reputation out the door, and what they bring to the employers is what builds our reputation.”


WyoTech and the Professional Technicians’ Development Committee—a group started several years ago by industry experts to attract more technicians— offer two scholarships a year to its diesel schools in Laramie and Blairsville; providing nine months’ tuition, worth more than $25,000, but Warpness says it has been difficult to find fleets or dealerships to sponsor candidates in recent years.

“To apply for it, they have to have a (Technology and Maintenance Councill)TMC fleet or dealer member apply for it and submit them to TMC,” Warpness says. “We’ve had three or four students go through it now so far. The idea was to get the fleets into the high schools, and if they knew a good kid in the diesel field, then they could sponsor that kid.”

The TMC scholarship committee determines the winner of that scholarship, though Warpness says only two have even applied for the scholarships in the last two years, something he hopes will soon change because of the great opportunity young potential technicians are missing out on.

“We’re having a hard time giving these away,” he says. “Hopefully, even if it’s an employee’s son or daughter there who’s interested in this and wants to go to school and hopefully come back and go to work for the fleet. We’ve had some great kids come through so far, but not near as many as we’d like to see.”

For more information on the WyoTech/TMC scholarship, contact TMC at 703-838-1763 or visit them on the web at

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