Cover Story: How to Pack the House

Indiana’s State Maintenance Council makes a comeback.

“I think it would be great,” he says. “This isn’t the greatest paying job, and it’s hard work. But, the guys you get who are very, very good are the ones you give training to, and I have two in mind that, if we have that competition, I would send in a heartbeat, and I know would represent me very well.”

McCormick feels that fleet maintenance professionals are on the quiet side, and don’t always jump into open discussions, but he feels that Riegle’s round table approach is a good way to get more involvement from meeting attendees.

“All those guys have the same thoughts; it’s just getting them to put them out there,” he says. “I think Lance does a great job in leadership, and we need to keep that open forum. In an open forum, you get a lot out of that, because you’ll have one guy say. ‘Hey, does anybody have this problem?’ and someone else will say, ‘Yea, I’ve got that, too.’

“I think it’s definitely great. It’s something that’s important for the whole industry.”

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