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Streamline your maintenance processes with VMRS codes.

There are many labor activities performed by technicians that are not charged against a specific piece of equipment, but VMRS 2000 contains a labor code key set to record such activities. Code Key 19 is the set that contains over 60 indirect labor activity codes. For example, there are codes for fueling, parts pickup, moving equipment, even a code for travel time. It is important that a shop manager record all work performed for auditing and insurance purposes. VMRS 2000 contains the labor coding needed to satisfy most recognized accounting disciplines.

The code set in VMRS 2000 for tracking component failures is Code Key 18 or the “technician failure code.” VMRS 2000 uses over 90 codes to describe the apparent failure of a part as determined by the technician or shop manager. The codes describe failures such as cracked, bent, leaking and worn, to name a few. By using the standard language in VMRS 2000 a shop manager can run precise reports of why a part failed. The codes are designed to be brief and precise, allowing a shop manager to compare part failures from varying manufacturers. VMRS 2000 makes it easier for managers to compare and contrast their part usage by using standard descriptions.


Comparing component performance can be difficult considering all the different ways to describe a single part. When you factor in the numerous part numbers, obtaining a viable report can be quite difficult. VMRS 2000 contains over 22,000 standard component descriptions in Code Key 33 with new codes being added to reflect the latest technologies. VMRS 2000 contains the codes and standards that level the playing field for technicians and managers looking for meaningful reports. The codes in VMRS 2000 contain the consistency and clarity that fleets need to produce an accurate picture of their maintenance operation. VMRS 2000 is the proven method that saves any fleet time and money.

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