Giving and Getting

SuperTech volunteers get as much out of the event as they put in.

“The first year, nobody knew what (our product) was, and that’s to be expected. The second year, most of the returning technicians found out that they had scored kind of poorly on the system, so they had their shop owners or service managers contact us, and at the very least we would provide them with a 14-day trial that they could use leading up to the exam to practice. So, I think what we’re going to do this year is allow TMC to send out a message to all contestants telling them that they can contact us and get the free 14-day trial if they don’t already have it in their shop. So they can at least play on a level playing field with the guys who already have it, and they can practice with it leading up to the competition.

“I just felt that getting involved (in SuperTech) was an obligation. We’re the only company out there that has a system that covers all makes and models, and with a competition like this you can’t say ‘Let’s just test on Freightliner,’ or, ‘Let’s just test on Detroit Diesel.’ So, in order to make the competition fair, you have to test on all the different parts of the vehicle and spread it around from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our system would allow that, and we were the only one out there, so we needed to do this.

“Plus, it’s a way of giving back. As a member of TMC, I want to be able to support their efforts, so it was kind of a no-brainer.”

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