Inquire Within

This issue I'm being squeezed out by legalese, so I have to keep my comments brief. So I'll briefly introduce a new feature in the magazine that will make it easier than ever for you to find information about the products and companies you see on our pages.

In the past, you pulled the paper "inquiry card" from the middle of the magazine and filled in the numbers of the products and companies you wanted to learn more about. The system still works essentially the same way, but now it's gone online. Yes, we are saving trees!

Now, when you see an advertisement or a product announcement in the magazine, you don't need to fill out a card and drop it in the mail. Now you just go online to, look for the new "e-Inquiry" logo and click it. Once you enter e-Inquiry it's a simple matter to select the e-Inquiry number from the item you wanted in the magazine and you'll find what you're looking for instantly!

I'm constantly amazed that we can change, update and improve our online magazine as quickly and easily as we do, and this is just the latest example. We think that this new online feature will add to your Fleet Maintenance experience, but we want to know what else we can do! Do you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can make our web site more responsive to your needs? We'd like to know.