Welcome to Voltageville

What happens when a city fleet goes electric? In the case of Vacaville, CA, it charges up the whole town.

"So they'll have to develop a relationship there, and first of all find out who's doing the call for projects, either within their community or at the county level or further beyond that," he explains. "Because there are calls for projects, and people are submitting calls for projects, and this is an eligible project for this kind of money. Agencies are looking for worthy projects and they don't have enough projects for the money that's available."

In other words, it may be difficult, but it can be done. And it doesn't hurt to get the public in on the act. Huestis doesn't have to promote his program at all, because word of mouth is so strong. "Voltageville" may have lost some of its buzz in the past few years, but the people who are benefitting from Huestis' vision are still happy.

"Whenever I see them at the CNG fueling station they're smiling," Huestis says, "because they're paying 1/3 less than they pay for gasoline."

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