Clore's SOLAR BA Series Battery Analysis Tools


Clore Automotive's BA Series from SOLAR provides a range of digital battery analysis tools to meet the need of automotive service professionals. All models feature a compact, handheld design for easy portability and intuitive user interface for quick, confident assessment. They are also compatible with a wide variety of battery types, and feature bright 4-digit LED displays, making them ideal for bright or low light settings. All models also feature reverse-polarity protection and over-voltage protection.

Available in the following configurations:
• 6/12V digital voltmeter — Model No. BA1.
• 12V digital battery tester — Model No. BA5.
• 12V digital battery and system tester — Model No. BA7.


The SOLAR BA Series of digital battery analysis tools was developed to expand Clore's SOLAR battery analysis product offerings. The goal was to deliver a family of products that provided a complete offering of digital battery analysis tools at price points that make this technology accessible to all techs and counterpersons. The series includes the three most popular configurations of battery testing tools: voltmeter, battery tester and battery/system tester.

For the tech, the BA Series offers easy, accurate assessment of battery condition and system performance (BA7 only). They are versatile enough to provide accurate assessment of virtually every battery type that technician will encounter, including conventional, maintenance-free, AGM, gel cell, marine and deep-cycle batteries.

• Versatile capability — All models are compatible with a wide variety of battery types.
• Versatile assessment — Assess batteries using a variety of rating systems, including CCA, CA, EN, IEC, DIN, or JIS.
• Compact, handheld design for easy portability.
• Bright 4-digit LED displays.
• Packaged in convenient clamshell packaging that enables easy display on a tool truck.

Suggested retail price:
• $35-$125

Contact information

Jim O'Hara, Clore Automotive