Olympic-sized dreams

How setting specific goals can increase your sales

You can't expect a radical change in sales without a radical change in your actions. The idea is simple: Don't just want to sell more this year. Decide what you need to do to sell more. As I often say: "Strategic thinking is more productive than wishful thinking."

If having specific, written goals is important, even more important is referring back to those goals often. An Olympiad invests hundreds of hours in rigorous conditioning and training. He carefully tracks his performance in practice, trials and other competitions pushing for continued improvements.

Come summer, as you watch the world's finest athletes striving for gold, remind yourself that you, too, are a competitor. Let it remind you of your goals and inspire you. You may not win gold, silver or bronze, but you can bring home more green.

And in Summer 2016, if Chicago wins its Olympic bid, look for me. I'll be among the U.S. spectators. That's on my long-term goal list.

Phil Sasso is president of Sasso Marketing Inc., an aftermarket advertising and public relations agency. Sasso is also a speaker, teacher and consultant. And he's an armchair athlete. View his marketing blog at philsasso.com/blog.

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