Get away for awhile

From family time to tools, expos have a lot to offer distributors

I love socializing with people I only see at expo time. I make a special effort to talk to strangers I enjoy playing the name tag game by putting a face with the name I see in the monthly newsletters. I am willing to introduce myself and have a discussion. I have dozens of questions and am not reluctant to ask for anyone's help or opinion. Make eye contact after reading their name tag, smile and say, "Hi. How long have you been in the tool business?" It's a great way to get the conversation started.

An expo is the one chance a year to be surrounded by folks doing the say thing you do. As I have indicated before, the tool business is a solitary way to earn a living — benefit from the support of your brothers and sisters. Try being the one to initiate the contact and you will discover that you are not alone.
While at expo, set a goal of connecting with and helping someone, while you arm yourself to the teeth for 2008 sales success!

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