Focus on Being the Real Deal

Don’t just preach honesty, convenience and professionalism - practice it!

My sons hear me on the phone and make fun of me sometimes as I work with customer service professionals. Most are trying hard and do a great job. I make sure I know and use the person’s name throughout. Kindness and decency go a long way. Conduct yourself in a professional manner, especially if it is a place you call frequently. Do you want to be the person that makes someone cringe when looking at the caller ID? But don’t be a suck-up—nice because you want something. Act nice and good things will happen. Take an interest in the people you are likely to contact on an ongoing basis. The result is a pleasant experience and expanded understanding of the world.

With everyone taking swipes at your piece of the tool pie, it is more important then ever to institute first-class customer service protocols. You need to walk both sides of the line if you want to be successful and enjoy your business even more.

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