Give Techs What They Want, and Need

You can’t miss it in your job — the onward march of tools and technology. We published a list of tools and equipment last issue for you to take note of; all the nominees for the 2008 Professional Tool & Equipment News Innovation Awards. Now, this issue, we have the 33 winners.

These tools are noteworthy.

Not because they won some award in a tool magazine, but because of why they won an award in a tool magazine.

These tools were voted on by a panel of active technicians, who rated each tool on its ability to save time and energy under the hood, and therefore help techs work more efficiently and make more money.

Again, that was a panel of technicians. Free from any influence by the magazine’s staff. So when you look at the Innovation Award winners in this issue, be assured that they are among the most innovative tools and equipment made available.

As such, you need to be ready for your customers to start asking you questions about these tools, as they will have already read about them in PTEN and online.

We’ve added the list of winners here, and you can read more about each product online at, so you won’t be taken by surprise by your customers.

It’s fitting that the Innovation Award winners are unveiled now, as you’ve likely just been to your company’s tool fair/rally. You probably saw many of these tools there. Hopefully, you even ordered some at show prices.

You can’t stop the march of technology and innovation — but we’re doing our best to keep you abreast of what’s coming.