Invest in yourself

One day, two lumberjacks competed in a log-cutting contest. One man was young and the other considerably older.

I’m not talking about going to a one-time sales seminar, getting hyped up and falling back to your old ways in a week or two. (I’ve done that!) I’m talking about committing to on-going training. And don’t just wait to do it someday. Start today.

How? Here are just a few ways to keep improving your salesmanship:

Read. Get a new book and make it your companion wherever you read. Don’t like it? Don’t finish it. Just get another. I like: Harry Beckwith’s Selling The Invisible and most books by Jeffrey Gitomer.

Listen. Buy a sales training CD or download an MP3. Listen on your truck’s stereo between stops and turn transit time into training time. I’ve enjoyed hearing Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar live. An associate of mine likes Brian Tracy CDs.

Go online. Your flag may have an online forum. (Independent? Check out IMTDA’s Yahoo Group Get my marketing tip emails ( And don’t forget Professional Distributor’s online resources at and the editor’s blog at

As you can tell I’m a huge proponent of ongoing sales education. That’s because I believe once you’re done learning, you’re done.

Phil Sasso is the president of Sasso Marketing Inc., an aftermarket advertising and public relations firm. Phil is also a speaker and a consultant—and he wants to write a book on sales & marketing. Someday. Subscribe to his free marketing tip email at:

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