Information Technology and the Tool Dealer

"Information Technology." It sounds kind of like something a Wall Street business needs.

My hope with these IT articles in Professional Distributor is to help you see just what you can do with technology. There are many books written about using information technology in your business, but most are tailored for office jobs or very specific industries.

It will be baby steps for many of you. Perhaps, you can move from using your computer as a cash register, on to sending an email to ask about an issue with customer service.

Or, maybe you are already somewhat of a power user who emails with ease and uses the web for his research. I am hoping to take you further into just what you can do with this “air impact wrench,” and replace your “four-way.”

And, it will all be written by a tool rep—not somebody sitting in an office, who has never set foot in a tool truck in their life. Because, let’s face it; the tool business is a completely different animal than Wall Street.

Craig Woodman is a mobile tool distributor based in Maine for Cornwell Tools. Forward your comments or questions for Craig on computing issues in the tool truck to the editor at

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