A/C Recovery, Recycling, Repair

A/C repair has changed over the years—and is still changing.


Both techs purchased their A/C tools and equipment, including recovery and recharging stations, from their mobile distributor. When they shopped, they looked for a good deal and the service to stand behind it.

In addition to availability, it’s a big deal to a tech when his distributor not only sells him good equipment, but also carries the products to support the machine.

For Lunsford, his distributor carries replacement filters, should he need them—a huge convenience.

“All I have to do is call him up and say I need to service my machine and he’ll send me a filter,” said Lunsford.

“That’s the bad thing about buying online—now you’ve got a machine. But what are you going to do with it if something happens to it? You can’t look a guy in the eye and say, ‘Help me.’ ”

A basic understanding of A/C needs can help distributors to spot places where they might be able to contribute some extra help and service options. It’s not only helpful; it’s an effective way to seal the deal.

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