Genius Tools 23-Piece Punch and Hammer Set


Genius Tools’ 23-Piece Punch and Hammer Set includes five pin punches, two center punches, two line-up punches, five flat chisels, two slotted tang-through screwdrivers, two Philips tang-through screwdrivers, one claw hammer, one drilling hammer, one ball-peen hammer, one soft-face hammer and an 18” close quarters bar.

The tang-through screwdrivers and close quarters bar are constructed of high-speed tool steel, while the claw, drilling and ball-peen hammers are made of chrome vanadium steel and have no-vibration handles.


Genius Tools customers around the country were telling us that there was a need for a complete punch-and-hammer set.
As gas prices continue to rise, technicians are facing more and more pressure to cut back on what they spend on tools. This set will give them the tools that they need at a lower price compared to purchasing separately.

• Having the tools you need in a set helps save money.
• Tang-through screwdrivers allow techs to strike the screwdriver with a hammer and not break the handle.
• Claw, drilling and ball-peen hammers come with a no-vibration slotted rubber handle.
• Special attributes: storage, display, delivery or selling considerations available for this specific product.
• Comes in a plastic blow-molded tray which fits neatly into a toolbox.

• All of Genius Tools’ products are manufactured in Taiwan.

Suggested retail price: $189.15


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