Innovative Products of America’s MUTT 7900K Trailer Tester


The 7900K was designed to test all trailers on the road in North America. The MUTT is powered by a car battery, and has 10” pneumatic tires that can be wheeled over any terrain to where a trailer is parked.

Once the MUTT is plugged into a trailer, you can use the remote control (one-man testing) which operates over 100’ away by RF signal. The trailer light functions can be fully illuminated and tested; even ABS codes can be read using MUTT.


When IPA first introduced the Circuit Chaser (a 7-round pin trailer tester) to the trailer industry in 2002, it was a hit. The Circuit Chaser saved users time and money by testing the light circuits on their rig before they went on the road. This unit is directly responsible for the idea and creation of the MUTT trailer tester.

With the Circuit Chaser, a simple handheld LED tester made light testing easy, but the MUTT is fully electronic, with firmware allowing full lighting and a testing interface in one unit. The MUTT saves time and money by accurately and quickly testing lights. Its internal logic helps technicians to trace a short and find an open circuit. It will also alert techs to a crossed circuit, so that they can fix it fast.


The MUTT is American-made and assembled. It has a steel body with powdercoat finish, solid-state electronics and 25-amp power range for illumination and testing.
It also includes audio alerts with LED indicators, a seven-channel rotory switch and auto-cycle feature. The radio-controlled remote control will reach over 150’. Used on 12V DC systems.

Suggested retail price: $1,195

Ian Vinci
Innovative Products of America