Selling Diagnostics is Easy

Selling diagnostics equipment can be very profitable. It can also be a little intimidating.

A lot of the questions techs ask you will be more practical than technical. And if you don’t have a quick answer, you can always look it up. More important than knowing every answer, is knowing where to find the answer.

5. They don’t expect you to know.

Few customers expect you to know every detail about every one of the thousands of stock and special order items you carry. You’re not a product engineer, you’re a mobile distributor. But they do expect you to know how to get an answer. That’s why you have detailed product specs at your fingertips in your catalogs or online. Those specs will answer most common questions: What’s included? Does it use resistance or carbon pile? What’s the capacity? What are the dimensions? How much is it?

For that one tough question that’s not answered in any of the material, many manufacturers have a sales support hotline that you can call to get quick answers. They’re there to support you. Just be honest with your customer: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and call you.”

Whatever you do, never guess! Get the right answer from the right source. You wouldn’t guess on the price, don’t guess on a technical answer. Customers will forgive you needing time to check your facts. They may never forgive for giving them the wrong facts.

A few self-taught seminars can arm you with all the technical information you need to sell more diagnostic equipment. And don’t worry about knowing every last technical detail. You already know the most important thing: your customer.

Phil Sasso is president of Sasso Marketing Inc. (, a technical marketing agency focused on tools and equipment. Phil is also a speaker, trainer and consultant. And his coffeemaker has a pause-and-pour feature. Visit his sales and marketing blog at

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