In Focus: Genius Tools’ 190-pc. Metric and SAE Mechanics tool set


With the 190-piece Metric and SAE Mechanics Tool Set from Genius Tools, techs no longer have to buy a second tool cart to move tools around the shop.

The tools come in plastic, blow-molded trays that fit neatly into the toolbox, so users will know if any tool is missing or left behind. Removable trays allow the tools to be transferred and locked up in the technician’s primary tool storage unit.


As gas prices continue to rise near $4 per gallon, technicians face more pressure to cut back on their budget to buy tools. This set gives techs the tools they need at a lower price, compared to purchasing them separately. Since the set comes in a portable toolbox, it eliminates the need to buy a second tool cart.


All Genius Tools’ products are manufactured in Taiwan. Hand sockets, wrenches, ratchets, extension bars and pliers are made of chrome vanadium steel. Screwdrivers are made of high-speed tool steel. The ball peen hammer is made of chrome vanadium steel and has a no-vibration handle.


Portability allows users to save money by not having to buy an additional tool cart. The 190-piece set eliminates purchasing each item separately.

This set comes with the following items:
• 73 hand sockets
• 16 hex head sockets
• 13 universal sockets
• Two spark plug sockets
• Three universal joints
• Six extension bars
• 18 L-shaped wobble hex wrenches
• 30 combination wrenches
• Four Phillips screwdrivers
• Five SAE flare nut wrenches
• Four slotted screwdrivers
• One socket driver
• One Phillips tang-thru screwdriver
• One slotted tang-thru screwdriver
• Three hinge handles
• Three quick release ratchets
• Five pliers
• One adjustable wrench
• One ball peen hammer
• One five-tier portable tool chest




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